The Core Collection

For ease of sourcing, this page provides a simple overview of The Core Collection.

For more details on each carpet, including swatches and installation pictures, click through to each collection page.

The Core Collection features 50 carpet colours and textures that are always in stock in Toronto. The cornerstone of the Core Collection is Event Carpet with 18 popular colours including red, black, white, and grey, along with trendy neutrals like creamy latte and crisp charcoal, and strong brand colours like hot pink and kelly green.

The Core Collection also includes solid colours in an upgraded Black Tie quality, perfect for tradeshows and more durable applications. To these foundational carpet colours, we’ve added gorgeous sparkling textures in Glitter and Diamond, a range of sisal and seagrass, and a few exceptional patterns for playful and elegant events.

This collection has been curated and refined based on years of event industry experience to meet the vast majority of event flooring needs. Plus, you can combine them! Create a sparkling border around a solid colour, mix two colours to create stripes or chevrons, create a “pond” of water carpet at a tradeshow booth – the combinations are limitless.

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