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Reznick Event Carpets offers a huge range of carpet and vinyl solutions for your event needs: plush carpet, carpet tile, commercial carpet, broadloom, specialty colours, unique patterns, and everything else. With years of experience manufacturing, importing, and installing carpet, rest assured that we can get whatever you need.

Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet is a cheap cut-pile carpet usually rolled out and reused multiple times. We suggest our Event Carpet or Black Tie Carpet for a superior look to Plush Carpet. However, we do stock Plush Carpet in a multitude of colours as it is a standard spec for many American award shows including the Oscars.

Hardwood Protector carpet tile laid to protect a gym floor at a graduation

Hardwood Protector

Hardwood Protector is a GIGANTIC carpet tile with a special protective backing. We supply H.P. to Facility Managers across North America for use in facilities such as schools, gyms, community centers, and arenas that rent out or retrofit their space during off-peak hours for events. H.P. is a one-time purchase that remains stored at your site for multiple uses. It can be laid in a quarter-turn or monolithic pattern. H.P. does not require any adhesive to stay in place!

Didn’t see what you were looking for? We have a huge library of carpet options and the industry expertise to get what you need. Just ask.





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