Printed & Custom Capabilities

Custom Designs

You can create a custom carpet design by combining any of our Core Collection products together. You can make custom borders, stripes, chevrons, geometric patterns, flags, rainbows, checkerboards, and roads. You can create a gigantic logo out of two carpet colours, or have smaller printed logos inset into a larger expanse of carpet. You can use Event Carpet together with Diamond Carpet to add pops of sparkle, or play with patterned carpet and solid colours together. Like your imagination, the possibilities are limitless!

Custom Sizes

With our Core Collection, we have the unique ability to create large size designs with near invisible seaming. Each order is custom cut to your exact specifications, so that you never have to scramble to fit an aisle runner in a heritage church or leave an awkward empty space in the corner of a room. This allows for a ton of flexibility and innovation, and a completely bespoke look every time.

Artwork Support In-House

We can help you design any custom printed or custom seamed carpet. No technical expertise is needed. We can work with design files supplied by the client, provide to-scale rendering and mock-ups, achieve custom Pantone colours and perfectly scaled logos, and advise you on how to maximize design impact and minimize cost. With in-house artwork support, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of the technical specs.

Examples Of Work

Our event industry clients are pretty damn brilliant. We love each of the projects below, which showcase the infinite potential of custom event flooring. These design concepts have been spearheaded by some of the industry’s best and brightest event planners, and we at Reznick Event Carpets are proud to be a small part of executing their creative vision.

Interested in a custom or printed carpet?

The fastest way to request a quote is to click the button and fill out the form. You can tell us about your custom project in the “other specifications” field. If you have any supporting artwork or attachments, you can also email them directly to

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