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Reznick Event Carpets is Toronto’s largest source of rugs for rent. You can choose from hundreds of rugs in traditional and modern styles such as Persian, Oriental, Soumak, bohemian, French country, mid-century modern, ikat, shag, kilims, overdyed, and more.

Such a huge selection can be overwhelming, so our excellent textile designers have put together curated collections of complementary rugs within popular styles and color families to make it easier for you to select a few to rent.

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Rug rental is currently available only within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Mississauga, Scarborough, Vaughan, Oakville, Brampton, Markham and the surrounding region. For jobs near the GTA (i.e. Barrie, Hamilton, Niagara), please inquire about availability.

We offer preferred pricing for event planners, decor rental companies, set decorators, home stagers, and other industry professionals.

Prices are for a rental period of 1 week or less. Prices do not include, tax, insurance, delivery, or install.

The rugs may appear different under different lighting conditions.


These exceptionally gorgeous rugs are the most requested pieces in our inventory. Each piece is unique and appeals to a different theme. Bonus: can you spot the ones that were used on the set of movies and TV shows filmed in Toronto?

Usage: indoor only

Bestseller Rug Rental P1719 6'8" X 9'10"

Bestseller Rug Rental P1719 6’8″ X 9’10”

Bestseller Rug Rental P3003 9'X13'

Bestseller Rug Rental P3003 9’X13′

Bestseller Rug Rental P9231 10' X 13'8"

Bestseller Rug Rental P9231 10′ X 13’8″

Bestseller Rug Rental P1805 8' X 10'4"

Bestseller Rug Rental P1805 8′ X 10’4″

Bestseller Rug Rental P3375 9'9" X 13'

Bestseller Rug Rental P3375 9’9″ X 13′

Bestseller Rug Rental P9413 10' X 14'2"

Bestseller Rug Rental P9413 10′ X 14’2″

Bestseller Rug Rental P1923 6'8" X 9'10"

Bestseller Rug Rental P1923 6’8″ X 9’10”

Bestseller Rug Rental P7345 8' X 10'

Bestseller Rug Rental P7345 8′ X 10′

Bestseller Rug Rental P9868 8'5" X 12'

Bestseller Rug Rental P9868 8’5″ X 12′

Bestseller Rug Rental P1943 10'8" X 14'

Bestseller Rug Rental P1943 10’8″ X 14′

Bestseller Rug Rental P8716 8' X 10'8"

Bestseller Rug Rental P8716 8′ X 10’8″

Bestseller Rug Rental P10067 8' X 9'10"

Bestseller Rug Rental P10067 8′ X 9’10”


When you think of a classic Persian-style rug, chances are you’re picturing something like this. Kashan rugs have a thicker pile, vibrant red and blue colors, intricate borders and a center medallion. These large pieces are often used on stages for singer-songwriter performances and podcast tapings, or as the centerpiece at a wedding ceremony.

Usage: indoor only

Traditional Vintage P1907 9'10" X 13'2"

Traditional P1907 9’10” X 13’2″

Traditional Vintage P2688 10' X 13'

Traditional P2688 10′ X 13′

Traditional Vintage P3010 10' X 13'

Traditional P3010 10′ X 13′

Traditional Vintage P3836 10'1" X 13'9"

Traditional P3836 10’1″ X 13’9″


A fairly traditional rug design, with a little bit of a European flair that lends itself to more modern applications. Kazak rugs comes from the Caucasus region and often feature repeating geometric motifs and strong cream and goldenrod tones.

Usage: indoor only

Eastern Beauty P8318 7'3" X 10'5"

Eastern Beauty P8318 7’3″ X 10’5″

Eastern Beauty P8358 8' X 10'5"

Eastern Beauty P8358 8′ X 10’5″

Eastern Beauty P6920 5'1" X 6'2"

Eastern Beauty P6920 5’1″ X 6’2″

Eastern Beauty P7212 8'1" X 11'9"

Eastern Beauty P7212 8’1″ X 11’9″


Reminiscent of the souk or bazaar, these rugs work well together to create boho aisle runners or casual lounge areas. Terra cotta and forest green colors evoke a chic, laid-back feel that is still textured and interesting.

Usage: indoor or outdoor

Antique Boutique P0511 6' X 9'

Vintage Market P0511 6′ X 9′

Antique Boutique P673 6' X 9'

Vintage Market P673 6′ X 9′

Antique Boutique P0530 5'9" X 8'9"

Vintage Market P0530 5’9″ X 8’9″

Antique Beauty P682 7'9" X 9'9"

Vintage Market P682 7’9″ X 9’9″

Antique Boutique P560 6' X 9'

Vintage Market P560 6′ X 9′

Antique Boutique P690 5'9" X 8'9"

Vintage Market P690 5’9″ X 8’9″

Antique Boutique P594 5'9" X 8'9"

Vintage Market P594 5’9″ X 8’9″

Eastern Beauty P757 8'9" X 11'9"

Vintage Market P757 8’9″ X 11’9″



Let your free spirit run wild with these bohemian vibe rug rentals. Create a textured aisle runner with rugs or a beachy outdoor seating area for your guests. With a flat weave and no pile height, these rugs could create a unique modern dance floor.

Usage: indoor or outdoor

Cali Boho Vibes  P376 4'3" X 8'7"

Cali Boho Vibes P376 4’3″ X 8’7″

Cali Boho Vibes P1521 5'5" X 8'7"

Cali Boho Vibes P1521 5’5″ X 8’7″

Cali Boho Vibes  P480 3'9" X 7'3"

Cali Boho Vibes P480 3’9″ X 7’3″

Cali Boho Vibes P1522 5'6" X 8'6"

Cali Boho Vibes P1522 5’6″ X 8’6″

Cali Boho Vibes  P635 6' X 8'

Cali Boho Vibes P635 6′ X 8′

Cali Boho Vibes P10532 4'7" X 5'7"

Cali Boho Vibes P10532 4’7″ X 5’7″

Cali Boho Vibes P10670 5'11" X 8'10"

Cali Boho Vibes P10670 5’11” X 8’10”


The reds, oranges, and browns got us feeling the Arizona heat! These four rugs pair beautifully together to create a designer’s dream runway or a rockin’ casbah atmosphere.

Usage: indoor or outdoor

Desert Heat  P10231 8'1" X 10'

Desert Heat P10231 8’1″ X 10′

Desert Heat   P10608 5'6" X 10'6"

Desert Heat P10608 5’6″ X 10’6″

Desert Heat  P10652 6' X 10'

Desert Heat P10652 6′ X 10′

Desert Heat  P10656 5'9" X 11'

Desert Heat P10656 5’9″ X 11′


Eco-conscious? This is the most organic collection we have, featuring 100% wool and no artificial dyes.

Usage: indoor or outdoor

Down to Earth  P9755 7'11" X 9'10"

Down to Earth P9755 7’11” X 9’10”

Down to Earth  P10415 8'1" X 10'

Down to Earth P10415 8’1″ X 10′

Down to Earth  P10460 7'10" X 9'10"

Down to Earth P10460 7’10” X 9’10”

Down to Earth  P10462 8' X 10'

Down to Earth P10462 8′ X 10′


These warm toned rug rentals are perfect for a golden themed wedding. These gorgeous rugs have subtle designs to add a little contrast to the overall event design.

Usage: indoor 

Sunkissed  P2662 7'10" X 10'6"

Sunkissed P2662 7’10” X 10’6″

Sunkissed P4038 8' X 10'

Sunkissed P4038 8′ X 10′

Sunkissed P7806 8'1" X 10'

Sunkissed P7806 8’1″ X 10′

Sunkissed P8947 9'11" X 13'8"

Sunkissed P8947 9’11” X 13’8″

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